Zhaoyan Wang

Zhaoyan Wang started her study at GSA following prior studies in accounting and graduated from MDEs Communication Design in 2021, specialising in Photography. Zhaoyan Wang states, ‘I came to GSA to study communication design. I have always been interested in publications, and I prefer the physical design to digital ones. Initially, my study focused more on graphic design, especially book design and printing. During the research, I gradually shifted my interest from graphics to photography. It was a whole new field for me and completely changed the way I looked at the world. I realized that there were once many tiny things that I had overlooked. The camera helped me to rediscover these details and traces, which reveal the real life. I enjoyed my time in GSA, as it allowed me to try new things and explore my interests’. Zhaoyan Wang focused on two projects in her final stage ‘Home’ and Bare Branches & Leftover women: Nanjing Marriage Market’.