Simone Zhang

Alina and the Gorgeous Daisy

Alina and the Gorgeous Daisy is a story about a young girl, Alina. She finds herself bored due to the repetitive and mundane routine of the small town in which she lives. One day, Alina discovers a handmade daisy and goes in search of the maker, noticing on the way that everyone was making something extraordinary. Her curiosity about the flower led her to a fuller understand of the towns people and discover what marvels are hidden in everyday life.

Waiting to be Occupied

Observation of the art school building and the return to school life.

“As we are coming out of the lockdown, a lot has changed. I feel that the building is waiting for us, waiting to be occupied by us, our artworks, creative activities, and conversations without any masks or social distance rules.”

Simone Zhang