Shuangshuang Hao


Shuangshuang Hao graduated from Illustration in 2014.

The animation film ‘Gerascophobia’ is about a boy called ‘Mo’ who has fears for growing up and ageing. Mo wants to avoid growing up. The animation shows mundane moments, and his fears of separation, mortality, or taking responsibility as an adult. 

The idea is based on personal experience and childhood memories. A focus on childhood anxieties provides a means of gaining insight to the anxieties of adults. As we mature, rationality and social pressures inhibit our instinctive responses as we learn to conceal our fears.

Direction & Animation: Shuangshuang Hao
Sound Design & Music:Kaj Mäki-Ullakko
Voiceover: Alasdair Hankinson

Awards & Nominations

BAFTA Scotland 2015 Nomination
Encounters Animation Award Nomination, 2015, UK
Best New British Animation, (Edinburgh International Film Festival 2015), UK
Lillien Gilbert Kid-Friendly Award, 2015, US
Langley Marie Award for Best Student Film Award, 2015, US

Festival & Exhibitions

SPARK Animation 2014, Vancouver, Canada.
London Short Film Festival 2015, London, UK.
Bay Area International Children’s Film Festival 2015, Oakland, US.
Tricky Women Festival 2015, Vienna, Austria
Richmond Diversity Film Festival 2015, Richmond, US
Anifilm International Festival of Animated Films 2015, Třeboň, Czech Republic
Animatricks 2015, Helsinki, Finland
Pictoplasma 2015, Berlin, Germany
Northwest Animation Festival 2015, Portland / Eugene, US
Edinburgh International Film Festival 2015, Edinburgh, UK
London International Animation Festival 2015, London, UK
Cine:Land, Edinburgh Hogmanay 15/16, Edinburgh, UK
Black Movie Film Festival 2016, Geneva, Switzerland
British Shorts Film Festival 2016, Berlin, Germany