Peter Locke

The Roaster, The Baker and The Bag Maker

Peter Locke prior to studying at GSA had a practice as an illustrator in London for 10 years. Peter graduated from MDes Communication Design in 2017 with a Distinction.

The work comprises three projects or visual reviews of Glasgow based businesses; Dear Green Coffee, Cottonrake bakery and Trakke bags.

The work explores the details and the added value that these speciality and artisan makers instil in their products. Presented as a triptych of prints that are the result of direct observational drawings made during a residency at Cottonrake Bakery. The prints depict the early morning production of Cottonrake’s much-celebrated croissants and are created using the same ingredients. The drawings were screen-printed onto baking parchment in Lescure pastry butter and dusted with Type 55 flour before being baked in the bread ovens at Cottonrake.