Angelina Panagiotopolou

Digital Flag

Angelia Panagiotolou is originally from Greece having previously studied Graphic Design.

Angelina Panagiotolou graduated in 2018 from MDes Communication Design during which time she joined Studio Dumbar on placement. She is now based in London working as designer at Studio Lovelock.

She aspires for a research-driven and content-based approach, often involving collaborative work and experimentation between techniques and disciplines.

Digital flag is a reimagining national identity in a post-digital context and is one part of a series of ongoing visual explorations, with which Angelina is questioning the static representations of national identity that are at odds with our fluid global society.

National Mad Libs*

National Mad Libs* is an interactive installation, presented in the form of a website. National Anthems constitute a strong part of the language associated with nationhood. But are these anthems currently reflective and relevant to national identity? I created a system to constantly reimagine these anthems could be constantly reconstructed for an individual.