Marie Foulquié

Marie Foulquié graduated from Mdes Communication Design with a Distinction in 2022.

Marie is an illustrator originally from a rural area in the east of France, their interests and visual culture was built around the Belgian and very-liberated French-speaking comics and graphic novels published on the continent.


Aquarius is a triptych of self-portraits depicting the evolution of Marie’s self-image and the symbolisation of their inner world, spiritual, fictitious and intimate, drawing on astrology and symbolism. It started as a way to documents changes they went through during a time of reflection and spiritual discoveries.

“The symbol of Aquarius, the Water-Carrier, who receives and pours water out of two vases, as a metaphor for the inner transformation I had to make from the abuse I suffered to the kindness I want to embody. It feels logical to end my experience of school with this project on self-reflection, as it was school that marked me in the worst way in my formative years.

“The paintings each represent an alternate self, either ruled by one aspect of the zodiac (sun/moon/rising) or different levels of the development of my consciousness and spirituality. The first one could be a corporeal self looking to untie blockages in love and intimacy; the second one experiences and makes sense of the world with their strong imagination, and the third one has achieved a higher state of consciousness through this imagination.”

Marie Foulquié


Fellout is is a, fanmade, webcomic adaptation of Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas

“The composition of these pages as presented here are very stream-of-consciousness or automatic and they aren’t intended to be published and read as such. I draw the story in the order in which the events took place in my game character’s life, you can see an example of how the webcomic would be presented here.”

Marie Foulquié