Kokea Kwok

Kokea Kwok graduated from the Mdes Com Des programme in 2022, specialising in photography.

Unnatural Food

Unnatural Food aims to challenge the conventions and assumptions we associate with food production and consumption.

“I decided to research food production and present the stories I discovered. My aim is to inform my audience about wider social issues and the environmental impact of our food choices on the human body and the health of the planet.”

Kokea Kwok

You Are What You Eat

Responsible eating should go well beyond personal benefits.

Food production is currently facing serious environmental problems. According to expert forecasts, the earth’s resources will be needed to feed 9 billion people in 2050.

You Are What You Eat considers the relationship between people and food from an objective perspective, for example, what are the implications of our food choices today for the future? Is there a social responsibility that we need to take on board with our eating habits?

“Our current food choices are shaping our future. Knowing what we are eating and where the food on our plate is coming from will enable us to be much more aware, and informed, regarding sustainable eating.”

Kokea Kwok