Judit Sánchez Velasco

Loch Maree Post Road

Judit Sànchez Velasco is originally from Barcelona, Spain and studied MDes Communication Design (Distinction) graduating in 2018. Judit continues to produce work with a focus as an Artist /Activist in Barcelona.

Loch Maree Post Road

The old-growth temperate forest of Scotland, the Caledonian Forest, was once a vast woodland of Scots pine, birch, rowan, aspen, juniper and other trees that colonised 1.5 million hectares of which merely 1% is preserved nowadays.

Loch Maree Post Road responds to the most devastating periods in Scottish native forestry, the Highland Clearances (1760-1850) and the Industrial Revolution (England, 1760-1840). This series examines the Caledonian Forest’s traces through its over-used soil in a sequence of unique gelatin silver photographic rubbings produced by virtue of the artist’s footprints along the former drovers’ road naming the project.

The work comprises of silver gelatine photograms made on location.