Gabriela Silveira

In Real Life [IRL]

Gabriela was born in Brazil but moved to Scotland in 2009 when she started undertaking formal training in Photography. She completed a Bachelors at Edinburgh College and a Masters in Photography at the Glasgow School of Art. Through her personal bodies of work, flower and flesh are used as symbolic starting points to explore ideas and ideals of love, sex, beauty and death.

In Real Life [IRL] explores our ever-growing reliance and relationship with computers and the Internet and how it is reshaping our behaviour. Granted, many major inventions and innovations transform the way we think, act and interact but it is the all-pervasive nature of digital technology and the deeply personal relationship we have with it that interests me; this is the focus of my work.

Tipping into the absurd, this series is set in a somewhat dystopian future. Devices are no longer visible but their invasive ubiquity and connectivity disrupt our behaviour. As we become more detached from our environment our senses and emotions are numbed; routine and familiar activities become dislocated as we experience, what Richard Stone coined, ‘constant partial stupidity’.