Eunjoo Lee

Deep Web Traveller

Eunjoo Lee graduated in 2017 with a Merit from MDes Communication. Eunjoo’s project Deep Web Traveller focuses on a play of identity between the physical world and online world of the deep web. Eunjoo proposes that people are freer to invent their own identity on the deep web, viewing the deep web lack of authoritarian control as a utopia for any activists, especially in countries where freedom of speech in suppressed.

Eunjoo is currently studying for a Phd qualification at Seoul National University.


3×3 International Illustration Show
American Illustration 36 – Chosen (2017)
Oh Comely Magazine – Shortlist (2017)
Communication Arts – Shortlist (2017)
World Illustration Award (AOI) – Winner (2016)
American Illustration – Chosen (2016)
3×3 Student Show (2016)
Latin American Illustration – Winner (2016)
Creative Quarterly Illustration – Winner (2016)